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Chamois Cloth
Brand Felt’s chamois cloths are highly absorbent and can be used anywhere in your home, cottage, car, gym, and even for your pets. The orange chamois cloth is capable of absorbing any type of liquid up to 12 times its weight and it is reusable. Simply rinse and hang to dry. Each chamois cloth measures 19.5” x 27.5” and is made from viscose fibres. For a special inquiry regarding our chamois cloth rolls, contact Brand Felt Ltd. today.

Micro Fibre Cloth
Brand Felt’s hypoallergenic micro fibre cloths measure at 16” x 16” and are light blue in colour. The micro fibre cloths are made of special material, which consists of thousands of tiny grooves. They easily pick up dirt, dust, oil and grease and are virtually lint free. Before use, make sure to dampen the cloth. The non-abrasive material allows for safe use on any surfaces.