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Equestrian Felt

Brand Feltโ€™s equestrian felt saddle pads are high quality felt pads to ensure that your horse is comfortable as you go out for a ride. Our equestrian felt saddle pads are long-lasting and are made to protect your horse from pressure points, friction, and pain. The 100% pressed wool felt wicks away moisture and stabilizes your saddle with limited cinching. Our natural wool is able to absorb up to 30% of its own weight in perspiration/water vapor. It also provides shock absorption and breathability to your horse and dries very quickly. Brand Felt Ltd. also carries saddle pads that are made up of various felt blends โ€“ including Polyester and Synthetic Felt, which are easy to clean and reduces your saddle from slipping.

Available Models:
  • Angle Corner Pad (28โ€ x 30โ€ x 1โ€)
  • Round Skirt Barrel Pad (28โ€ x 30โ€ x 3/4โ€)
  • Square Skirt Barrel Pad (28โ€ x 28โ€ x 3/4โ€)
  • Square Skirt Pad (30โ€ x 32โ€ x 1โ€)
  • Western Square Pad (30โ€ x 32โ€ x 3/4โ€)
If you would like to inquire about our finished saddle pads, which include genuine leather trim, contact The Brand Felt Ltd. today and one of our representatives will be happy to work with you.