SAE F-15 2021-01-11T14:31:56-05:00

125G / F-15 / 9R5

Min. 55% Wool Fibre

0.17 g/cm3 – 0.20 g/cm3

1/8 inch – 1 inch

72 inches

F-15 industrial wool felt is suitable for the same applications as F-13 felt, but where slightly lower wool content acceptable. Applications include sound deadening chassis strips, spacers, dust liners, and for mechanical purposes where abrasion and wear are not important factors. Other applications for F-15 felt include acoustic panels, saddle pads, screen printing table pads, filters, protective padding, absorbers, packing material, carpet under pads, sound dampening insulation, and cushioning material.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the use of natural fibers, we can not guarantee the same delivery of colour from lot to lot within our line of SAE pressed wool felt.

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