SAE F-3 2020-12-22T14:49:04-05:00

219-1 / F-3 / 16R3

Min. 85% Wool Fibre

0.32 g/cm3 – 0.36 g/cm3

1/8 inch – 1 inch

60 inches

F-3 industrial wool felt is suitable for aircraft applications; between rocker arm covers of engines, ring cowlings, radio cushion strips, and retaining and feeding oil under difficult conditions. F-3 felt is also suitable for the same applications and general purposes as F-1 felt, where a slightly lower quality felt is satisfactory. Typical uses include washers, bearing seals, gaskets, bushings, wicks/fluid transfer, door bumpers, window channels, anti-vibration dampening pads, drag pads for wiping steel, and soft polishing blocks, wheels and pads.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the use of natural fibers, we can not gaurantee the same delivery of colour from lot to lot within our line of SAE pressed wool felt.

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