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Sheet Felts

Wool is one of the most versatile and unique fibres in the world and has a combination of characteristics that are unmatched by any other natural or synthetic fibres. Wool is crimped elastic fibres that grow in staples (clusters) consisting of Keratin, a fibrous protein that is also found in human nails and the horns and hooves of animals like the rhinoceros. Each fibre has scales/barbs that allow them to become entangled and locked to each other when they are processed through the use of steam, pressure, and agitation. Depending on the amounts of pressure and agitation wool can be made into a soft felt fleece or felt that is hard enough to be turned on a lathe. Wool sheet felt is made in higher densities than SAE industrial wool felt rolls for a variety of uses including hard washers, bumpers, anti vibration pads, metal wiping, and polishing wheels. All of Brand Feltโ€™s sheets are made from the highest quality wool sourced from around the world.

Standard Sheet Sizes:
610mm x 1220mm (24โ€ x 48โ€)
Standard Thicknesses:
3mm โ€“ 100mm (1/8โ€ โ€“ 4โ€)
Standard Densities:
Extra Soft, Soft, Medium, Hard, and Rock Hard

Brand Felt stocks a large inventory of sheet felt, allowing us to provide quick turnaround times to our customers. Custom Sheets can be manufactured upon request.

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