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Boot Liners

Brand Felt liners are made for maximum comfort, foot hygiene and extreme weather conditions. Brand Felt liners are made with eco-friendly wool and synthetic felt that adds warmth and cushioning to your feet. In addition, some models include layers of quality footwear lining like Cambrelle™ and Radiantex™ are added for durability, insulation and moisture management. Most models of Brand Felt liner are also reinforced with a Naugahyde backing for extra protection against wear and tear. For over fifty years Brand Felt has provided quality felt-based products for customers in the footwear and manufacturing industries. Our experienced engineers are always looking for ways to create innovative footwear and footwear accessories that meets the unique needs of consumers. If you require a special design, Brand Felt can provide custom-engineered liners. Contact us today and one of our representatives will be happy to work with you to determine the best design to suit your needs.

Available Models:
  • Boot Liner 624/626
  • Boot Liner 636
  • Boot Liner 814/814GWR
  • Boot Liner 824/826
  • Boot Liners AK80
Custom cuts, densities and sizes are available upon request.