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Felt Overshoes

If you have ever found yourself running in and out of the house with muddy or snowy shoes, now there’s a way you can keep your floors clean without removing your winter shoes or muddy boots. Brand Felt overshoes are made from durable grey felt that will protect indoor surfaces from the water, snow, dirt and mud on your shoes. Easy to slip on and off, and with an elasctic band for maximum confort, they make activities such as moving, gardening, yard work and home renovations, outdoor fun or retrieving the set of keys you almost forgot that much easier. Plus, they are hand washable. Brand Felt overshoes come in two models: a stiff rounded style and a flexible style that easily fits almost any type of shoe. If you require a special cut, density or size of overshoe, Brand Felt can custom-make an overshoe that meets your specifications. Give us a call and one of our representatives would be happy to work with you.