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Cut Parts

Brand Felt has specialized in custom part cutting since 1959 serving a wide range of industries. Popular uses include floor protectors, architecture, high-end piano hammers, student and craft projects, nuclear energy plants, wind turbine greasing gears, bakery dough transport belts, polishing gals for telescopes, fashion products, metal and aluminium parts to bearing seals, and aerospace technology.

Brand Felt’s machinery:
  • Slitter and Roll knife cutters
  • Band Knives
  • High Speed Punch Presses with kiss cut capabilities
  • Beam Presses
  • Rotary Presses
  • CNC Die cutter with nesting function for irregular shapes
  • CNC Surface cutter
  • CNC Knife and routing machine
Rapid Prototyping – Emergency Service – Quick Turnaround
Brand Felt stocks a large inventory of cut parts, allowing us to provide quick turnaround times to our customers. Custom parts & shapes can be manufactured upon request.